Weird car concepts of yesterday

Few decades ago every single car from these photos was considered as a future of transportation. Today we can see them on car humor websites. Concept car yesterday, material for car humor and jokes today.
Here are some of the strangest looking car concepts. Designer of this car probably never expected to see his vision on car humor website.

Cadillac Cyclone concept was influenced by airplane design.

GM XP-21 Firebird I concept car only seats a driver inside similar to a jet fighter cockpit.

GM Runabout three-wheel hatchback concept

Lincoln Futura concept car built by hand in Italy

Another three-wheeler – Ford Gyron

This is not a UFO, this is Pininfarina Ferrari 512S Modulo, concept car presented in 1970.

Ford Seattle-ite XXI concept car was very futuristic for its era. Some of the features were: trip computer, navigation and traffic information systems, fuel cell power and steer-by-wire technology.

Simca displayed the Fulgur concept during the 1961 Chicago car show. This was the first model to include no-wheels hovering, atomic power, and radar.

The Ford FX Atmos was envisioned to be powered by nuclear power. This concept car had joysticks for steering

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