Want to live a true blue Hobbit lifestyle?

Then you won’t be able to go wrong with the QTVan!


The QTvan is so named because it caters to three peculiarly British obsessions: queuing, tea and caravans.

The diminutive caravan stands at just 2 m x 75 cm (79 x 30 inches) and comes with a tea making facilities, a drinks cabinet, a bed, alarm clock and there’s even a 19″ flat screen TV mounted on the far-side wall. There’s 240v hook up and battery powered back-up lighting, but you won’t be breaking any landspeed records, as the top outfit speed is just 5mph.

You can buy it for £5,500 and that’s without the add-on options like solar panels, central heating and satellite dish, air horn, external luggage rack and gaming console.

QTvan can be towed by a mobility scooter.

It’s supposed to be easily maneuverable in tight spaces like sidewalks and supermarkets.

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