Richard Hammond Is An Awesome Father

In 2007 Top Gear star Richard Hammond abandoned his Porsche 911 after being caught up in traffic chaos caused by the floods to run 16 miles home for his daughter’s fourth birthday. Hammond had been driving from London to his home in Herefordshire when he became stuck in traffic.
Richard Hammond Is An Awesome Father
After a long 12-hour journey, the star, nicknamed Hamster abandoned his Porsche 911 Carrera in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, at 3am on Saturday morning and ran home.

Hammond told the Mirror: “There was no way I was going to miss it – I’m away from home enough as it is.

“Luckily I had my running gear and a waterproof jacket with me in the car, so I decided to run the rest of the way. It was pitch black but I just put my iPod on and went.”

He arrived home in Bromesberrow at 5:30am, in time to spend the day with wife Mindy and his daughters. Hammond said: “I had a hot shower and a bacon buttie and not long after that Willow got up and we had a lovely time for her birthday.”

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